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Reminder of the Packing Shed Construction 18/06/2018



Exciting news we will be starting construction work on extending the packing shed from 06/06/2018 until further notice.


There will be very limited access to the cold rooms for our forklift drivers and no access for our packing shed and causal staff and only access to authorised personnel.

We will be removing line 2 for forklift drivers to access the front of the shed – to load our trucks. This means forklift drivers will have more access to the shed and will be driving through the shed. So, we need to be extra vigilant and listen out for those beeping horns and forklift drivers need to be extra vigilant for staff walking through the shed.


Please be VERY vigilant for construction crew during this time. There will be a lot of activity at the back of the shed (COLD ROOM SIDES) including more than usual heavy machinery driving around including back hoes and cranes trucks etc.


Please ensure you use the PPE that has provided to you. Please enter and exit the shed through the shed door as shown to you during your induction and not the front of back of shed.


Some examples of the hazards and Why you are strictly forbidden from accessing the construction area: 


  • changes to surface levels; 
  • excavations, holes and trenches
  • falling material and debris
  • plant and equipment
  • dust vapours noise;
  •  vibrations

Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to your supervisors.