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Just because you have a smart phone it doesn’t mean it’s smart to text and drive 24/04/2018

Mobile Phones & Driving 


  • Mobile phones are a dangerous distraction

  • Being distracted increases your chances of having a serious accident. It slows down your reaction times and puts you in danger of failing to see potential hazards, including traffic and pedestrians

  • Anything that takes your mind or eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel, not only compromises your safety, but that of everyone else


 While driving or riding you CANNOT use your mobile phone for anything else, including:


  • Texting or audio texting

  • Emailing

  • Using social media

  • Taking photos

  • Video messaging

  • Holding your phone in any way (in hand, on lap, between shoulder and ear). Drivers are only allowed to hold a phone to pass it to a passenger.


Laws in All States of Australia in regards to Mobile phones and driving


Having a mobile phone in your hand while driving is illegal, even if you are stopped at traffic lights and traffic is non-existent. To use a mobile you need to either have a hands free kit or pull over.


NOTE: Drivers  under 25 years old are not allowed to use a mobile phone while driving at any time (including hands free) in all States except W.A.

Driving is a task that requires all of your attention in order to be safe. There is a lot of research showing that mobile phones distract people from other tasks. Queensland law provides rules that restrict the use of mobile phones while driving.


Can I use a mobile phone with the phone in my hand while driving?

No. Driving with a mobile phone in the driver’s hand is illegal. This includes, but is not limited to, making and receiving calls and any other function of the phone. You can be fined if your mobile phone is in your hand for any reason while you are driving.


Can I use a mobile phone that is in my hand while stopped at traffic lights or in a queue of congested traffic?

No. If you are stopped in traffic it is illegal for the driver to use a mobile phone that is held in his or her hand.


Can I stop on the side of the road to use my mobile phone?

Yes so long as you park legally.


What does ‘park legally’ mean?

To stop and stay in an area where there is no prohibition on stopping or parking. It is recommended that you secure the vehicle by applying parking brakes; put the automatic transmission into ‘park’ and turn off the ignition.


Are there other rules that apply to using phones while driving?

Even if you are using your phone hands free, if you drive erratically or are obviously distracted from the driving task, other rules may be contravened. For example, you may be guilty of driving while not having proper control of the vehicle or driving without due care and attention. Also, a mobile phone that is mounted in a hands-free mounting bracket on the windscreen must not obscure the driver’s view of the road.


What is the best road safety advice for the use of mobile phones while driving?

The link between driver distraction and increased crash risk has been demonstrated by a number of studies. The Queensland Government wants drivers to recognise that any action that distracts from the driving task is a risk to their safety (as well as everyone else’s). Drivers should choose not to engage in potentially dangerous activities while driving. Too many Queensland drivers are being distracted while on the road by things like mobile phones, iPods and other hand-held devices.


Just a reminder to all staff Personal Mobile phones are strictly forbidden unless it is a requirement of your job. If it is a requirement of your job we have provided work phones.