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Safe Driving, Saves Lives 27/03/2018


Cotton Harvest


With Cotton Harvest kicking off at Moonrocks tomorrow and other Farms in the area already started or starting there will be an increased amount of heavy duty large agricultural machinery transporting cotton from one field to the next by way of using public roads including using the back roads. Please drive safely and carefully.  


There will be a increase in traffic on Moonrocks Farm especially tractors trucks and Cotton Pickers there will also be A increase in Semi Trucks and Road trains on the roads in transporting the Cotton to the Cotton Gins not just from Moonrocks but other farms in the area.


 We STRONGLY encourage all staff NOT to use the back road but to use the main road as this road is marked with lines.



Please follow the link below as per the directions on our website 



Please noteIn Australia you must drive on the left-hand side of the road irrespective of whether there are lines marked or not.


Other drivers (CAR / TRUCKS / TRACTORS/ BIKES) DO NOT EXPECT to find your car in the middle of the road.


Do not drive in the middle of the road. This notice is for YOUR safety!




Some Common causes of accidents but not ALL causes

Difference in Speed

Most farm machinery is transported at speeds of 20 km/ph or slower while other vehicles often are traveling at much faster speeds. This difference causes motorists to miscalculate how fast they are approaching farm machinery. Motorists sometimes do not even see farm equipment because they are traveling too fast.


Motorists unfamiliar with slow moving agricultural machinery can make this a dangerous situation.


The potential for an accident is high.




Motorists may not slow down when approaching a slow-moving farm machine. Because of this accidents frequently occur between farm equipment and motorists traveling in the same direction.


Poor Visibility

Corners, hills, and other blind spots reduce a motorist’s ability to see farm equipment either traveling on the roadway or pulling onto a roadway. Dirty windshields on equipment also reduces operator visibility.


Improper Transport Techniques

Failure to securely tie down equipment on truck beds or transport trailers can cause equipment to slide off when going around a curve or when turning, especially when traveling at high speeds.



Towing Equipment Too Fast

The equipment may start to sway, causing the operator to lose control. Towing implements only with a chain can be extremely hazardous, especially if there is no means to provide tension other than applying brakes.




Size of the Machinery

Today’s large equipment sometimes overlaps into other lanes, creating a hazardous situation.





Some Prevention Tips of Road Collisions 




  • See and be seen - Clean off windshields and lights. Turn lights on at dusk or in times of poor visibility such as fog, rain, blowing dust, or cloudy conditions.


  •  Before entering the roadway, stop and look both directions.


  •  Make sure you have enough time to cross the road or enter the road if traffic is coming or is close


  •  Be aware of the road conditions. Know where the hazards exist before you start, such hazards include potholes, ditches, washouts, narrow bridges, blind corners, and sharp curves. Look out for road signs. Trying to avoid these may cause you to drive in the other lane. Be aware of traffic in both directions.  


  •  Maintain speeds that are appropriate for the road conditions,






Remember just because it is your day off or the Packing shed is not working it does not mean the whole farm is on a day off or finished working. Cotton works 24 hours


There is a strict speed limit of 30km for all vehicles on farm