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Working Safely with and Around a Staple / Nail Gun

Although this did not happen at Moonrocks, An apprentice was injured by a nail, fired from a nail gun by another worker, which went through the piece of timber he was holding and into his chest. The worker underwent minor surgery to remove a small piece of bone.

Investigations are continuing.


At Moonrocks we use Staple guns and Nail guns and to avoid a similar accident we believe it is important to remind staff about the importance of working safely with a Staple / Nail gun (whether it is connected to the compressed air or not) or if you are using it or not and to work safely around someone who is using one.


What is the Problem

Most injuries from Staple / nail guns are caused by the user accidentally striking the gun’s muzzle into a part of the body while holding the tool’s trigger switch. However, there is also a risk of Staples / Nails penetrating a person’s body as a result of:


  • direct contact with the muzzle of a loaded gun


  • deflection, when skewing off a hard surface


  • firing through a soft material.


  • in restricted and tight spaces where the gun’s muzzle could be bumped


  • when other people could come within the nail gun’s firing path, or there is a foreseeable risk of being struck by a flying nail (e.g. by ricochet or deflection).


How to work Safely with a Nail / Staple gun


  • Know where your Stop / Start is on the Nail gun / Stapler gun


  • Know How to connect the Staple/ Nail gun to the air.


  • Know How to disconnect the air


  • How to load the Nail gun / Stapler Gun


  • Know where your Pinch points are


  • Know what is a Safety guards


  • Know  How to use the Nail Gun / Stapler gun


  • Know How to Hold the nail gun / Stapler gun


  • Keep all bodily parts clear of the projectile path of the nail gun / stapler gun


  • Be aware of people working around you.


  • Correct PPE to be worn at all times.


  • Use the Nail gun / Stapler gun only for the purpose for which it was designed.


  • Never leave the Nail gun / Stapler in any doorway, entrance, emergency exit or in front of fire extinguishing equipment.


  • Before starting each shift, conduct a thorough inspection of the Nail Gun / Stapler Gun


  • Operate the Nail gun / Stapler gun strictly in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications.

  • Always disconnect the Air from the Nail gun / Stapler gun when you are leaving it unattended / finished with it


If your Nail gun or Stapler gun is not working you must report to you Supervisor and not use it


Nail gun / stapler gun must only be repaired by an authorised person should the firing mechanisms not operate correctly, stop using immediately and report to your supervisor


If you are injured no matter how minor you must report to your supervisor