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Those precious fingers don’t ignore, Or they could end up on the floor 21/01/2018

Sharp tool Safety Tips


Knives and Snip usage is common in our work place.


It is easy to make the mistake of thinking that they are completely safe to use. Potential hand injuries in the workplace can be all too common.


it is very important to follow safe knife and Snip handling procedures at all times when using a knife / Sharp tool.


Sharp Tool safety tips to consider:


  • Always use the correct sharp tool for the job


  • Sharp Tools work best when they're sharp. They are easier to operate and safer to use when sharp. Blunt tool can cause injury due to excessive pressure applied


  • Point the blade away from yourself when cutting. Make sure no body parts are in the cutting path.


  • Be certain that other people are at a safe distance before cutting.


  • When not in use, see that you store your knife or snips in a safe location. make sure the blade is safely stored away.


  • Never discard loose blades in the garbage or leave them where they can injure an unsuspecting person.


  • Use knives and snips for their intended purpose. Using your knife and snips in a way in which they were not designed or on the wrong materials can damage the blade and cause injury to yourself or others.


  • If a knife or snip is falling, even a safety knife, you risk injury by trying to stop it with your hand or foot. Let the knife fall to the ground rather than trying to grab it as it falls.


  • Do not toss a knife or snips to someone. It is also recommended that you do not hand a knife or snips directly to someone. Set down the knife or snips and let the other person pick it up


  • Be alert and pay attention when you are using a knife or snips.  Don’t get distracted or take your eyes off what you are doing


  • When carrying a knife or snips always hold the point of the knife and snip downwards


Remember when you are working on the Onion Peeler it is compulsory to wear the cut resistant glove which has been provided to you as part of your PPE under your disposable gloves  - NO GLOVE NO WORK


If you are unlucky and Cut yourself or someone else:

Please report to your first aider Brett Grayson / Lynda Myburgh immediately all accidents no matter how minor must be reported.